1714 – St George’s Church Tower, Hill Street, Dublin

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1714 – St George’s Church Tower, Hill Street, Dublin

The Old Church of St. George, commonly called "Little George's" in Hill Street (formerly Temple Street Lower) Parish of St. Mary, Dublin was built in 1668 by the Eccles family for their workmen and also as a chapel-of-ease to the nearby St. Mary's Church.

At this location there is now a small recreation ground of (originally) one third of an acre created in 1894 by Dublin Corporation at a cost of £700 and formally opened by the Lord Mayor in November of that year. The project was planned in 1891 when the idea was proposed to Dublin Corporation by the Open Spaces Association. The space required was reclaimed from a graveyard [‘Old St. George’s’, which still survives to the north of the site.

The tombstones were all moved to the periphery of the park (where they still remain), the church was demolished and all monuments were rehoused in the tower which was left standing. There was originally a small house within the grounds and the intention was to use this for the park caretaker but there is no record as to what happened to it.

The space is still in use today as a sports field and playground and has been often renovated. Only the walls and railing provide evidence of the original appearance of the park. As can be seen from my photographs the tower remains intact and stands facing the main entrance to the park.

The Tower is now in the Dublin City area, but in the past it was considered to be in the Drumcondra area. The tower of the church is now classed as a "Protected Structure".


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